Yang Xiaojian, Ph.D., Professor. Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology of Nanjing Tech University, Head of Control Engineering Center of Nanjing Tech University. Engaged in development and application promotion of industrial information technology for long-term, provides information solutions for enterprises. At present, the main focus is on the Cyber Integrity of Industry Control System and Operation Management of Industrial Production.


The Production Process and Technology Management Platform

In many petrochemical enterprises, the process management in each department that characteristics its own business model is still handled manually. Based on this situation, we proposed integrated solutions for the production process, data, and documentation management. We developed a framework of technology management platform that can be implemented in handling the process changes, process cards and other auditing business of data processing, such as approval process, qualified rate, steady rate. It can also be applied in business document management like accounting documentations management for instance. The platform also capable of establishing the large data set to support intelligent decision. Those data are integrated from process real-time data, quality analytical data, operational data and all kinds of personnel, organizational hierarchy data. This novel framework can be customized and developed according to the individual characteristics of different petrochemical enterprises business models.