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Prof. HU Xia-Min is a full professor of College of Civil Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China. He was dean of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Nanjing Tech University before 2013. He and his team had accomplished many designs of complicated engineering structures, such as Huaian TV network transmission center with a height of over 130 m, GNOPC oil company headquarter building with a height of over 120 m. His research focus mainly include steel-concrete composite structures, timber structures, timber-concrete composite structures as well as other new structural systems. He has published over 130 journal papers and conference papers. He is a member of Expert Committee of Building Metal Application Technology of Ministry of Housing and urban-rural development of China; he is also a council member of China Steel Construction Society Association for Steel-Concrete Composite Structures.


Research and Applications of Timber Structures at Nanjing Tech University

In recent years, green buildings and building industrialization have been vigorously promoted by Chinese Government. China is the 5th largest wood producing country in the world. Wood is a renewable building material and has thousands of years of history as a building material in China. In the background of “green, energy-saving and low-carbon economy”, timber structures have excellent opportunities and promised future in China. This presentation introduces the unique advantages of timber structures by comparing with traditional reinforced-concrete structures and steel structures. At Nanjing Tech University, our research team has studied timber structures for almost 20 years, and has involved in establishing many national codes and standards for timber structures. Research topics of timber structures includes: multi-story and high rise timber buildings; large-span timber structures/bridges; prefabricated timber structures; seismic behavior of timber structures; fire-resistance of timber structures; durability of timber structures and the treatment; as well as joints and connections in timber structures. The technologies developed at Nanjing Tech University have been applied in many engineering projects, such as Suzhou Xuhong Bridge with a single arc span of 75.7 m, the largest single span timber bridge in China.