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Full Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza and Head of the Laboratory for Aroma Analysis and Enology (LAAE), one of the most active and acknowledged groups in flavor research. His scientific activity focuses on the understanding of the chemical basis of flavor perception with the aim of creating new products or improving the existing ones. He has authored more than 200 scientific contributions about different aspects of aroma analysis and wine chemistry which have had a very high impact on the scientific and technical communities. He is working with many important wine, food and fragrance companies. Major contributions are about the development of analytical methods for the screening and quantitative determination of most odorants, about the understanding of the nature and role of the different odorants and tastants onĀ  flavor and about the chemical and biochemical routes of formation.


Science for smell, taste and live better

Did you know that a chemical molecule known as TCA at concentrations as low as 1 ng/L (0,0000000001%) can completely ruin the aroma of the best wine or can make water to become undrinkable?
Or that, on the contrary, another molecule with close resemblance to human pheromones, at the same low levels is required to perceive the fresh fruity characters of the best wines and fruits?
This talk has to do with the reasons why research in the molecules responsible for the sensory characteristics of air, water, food or any other manufacture is so important and can determine the success of a product or even modulate the state of wellbeing of people.
After explaining why researching on this, we will further briefly comment about how doing it and we will also present some enlightening examples