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Dr. Pedro Moreo holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics from the University of Zaragoza. Furthermore, he holds a PDP master from ESADE Business School.

Up to 2009, he worked as research assistant in the GEMM group of I3A research institute. After finishing his Ph.D., he decided to leave academia to set up his own company, EBERS, with the goal of commercializing part of the technology he had been working on while his research stay at the university. He currently is the CEO of the EBERS.


Medical technology for organ preservation and tissue regeneration. The experience of a spin-off company

EBERS Medical Technology is a medical technology company created in 2009 as a spin-off initiative of a research group of the University of Zaragoza. It has two main lines of activity.

First, the company designs and sells scientific instrumentation for in vitro tissue regeneration. The company commercializes a wide range of cell culture system that allow growing in vitro tissues like blood vessels, bone, cartilage, skin, tendon or ligaments. These products have been mostly focused to the academic market, although the company is progressively gaining access to the clinical segment.

More recently, the company has developed a new medical technology for the extracorporeal organ preservation of human organs for transplantation. The technology, based on the concept of normothermic organ preservation, overcomes the limitations of conventional static cold storage and allows increasing the number and quality of available organs for transplantation. This new device will shortly undergo clinical trials.