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Teacher at the University of Zaragoza since 1982. Professor of Chemical Engineering since 2003. Responsible for the CREG group. Coauthor of 148 articles in referred journals and 17 books or book chapters; H-index (WoK): 35, Google index: 37, 9 patents, 21 PhD thesis.
Has served as vice-dean, secretary and head of department, coordinator of PhD program on Chemical Engineering and director of secretariat for european projects.
Research topics include: catalytic reactor modeling, catalytic reaction and deactivation kinetics, membrane reactors, fluidized bed reactors and their application to a large variety of processes.


Research activities in the Catalysis, molecular separation and Reaction Engineering Group (CREG)

The Catalysis, molecular separation and Reaction Engineering Group (CREG) is one of the four recognized groups in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Zaragoza. Current reseach covers:
– Catalyst development: biomorfic catalyts using carbon obtained from biomass as support for catalyst. Use of carbon nanotubes (CNT) as catalyst support.
– Molecular separations: Mixed Matrix Membranes, that include polymer and a microporous material (e.g. zeolite or MOF) provide improved separation properties for gas separation or nanofiltration.
– Reaction Engineering.
Fluidized bed reactors that develop in a single vessel the target reaction and catalyst regeneration allow operation in conditions that would result in quick catalyst deactivation in conventional reactors. Redox operation (steam-iron process) can be used for the separation of H2 from a gas mixture. A process combining steam-iron and biofuel reforming is under development.