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In his early career, Iván Marcos studied his B.S. in Biology at the University of Valencia and Univérsité des Sciences et Technlogies de Lille (Lille, France). In 2004, he moved to the University of Zaragoza to work on nanotechnology applied to immunology at the Clinic Hospital Lozano Blesa and Nanoscience Insititute of Aragon. Iván Marcos-Campos obtained a scholarship to study cell-based immunotherapy applied to oncology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Pitssburgh, USA). He defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Immunotherapy with magnetic nanoparticles and dendritic cells“ in March 2009. After spending 3 years at Columbia University in the City of New York (NYC, USA) as a postdoctoral student doing research on the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine field, Iván Marcos-Campos joined Araclon Biotech in September 2012. From this date on, he has been involved in the development of the vaccine ABvac40 as well as in all the other projects related to neurodegenerative diseases at Araclon Biotech.


Targeting Neurological Diseases: Current Projects at Araclon Biotech

The main Araclon Biotech mission is to research and develop immunotherapies and diagnostic methods used in the treatment of degenerative diseases. It is our aim to provide effective solutions for such diseases:

1. Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease – ABtest Service : A service for the quantification of Aβ peptides 17, 40 and 42 in blood.

2. Therapies for Alzheimer’s disease (preventive immunotherapies) – ABvac40: Innovative proposal, active Immunotherapy against Alzheimer’s disease (Phase II). – ABvac42: Innovative proposal active Immunotherapy against Alzheimer’s disease (Phase I).

3. Development of a therapy against Parkinson’s disease – S14 : Molecule with initial indication in Parkinson´s disease and, due its properties, potential indication in other neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease).

4. Other lines of Investigation: – ABvac Canine: an active vaccine for the palliative and preventive treatment of CCDS (Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome). – The search for biomarkers for Fibromyalgia.