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Dr. Gloria Cuenca-Bescós, Director of the IUCA (Environmental Sciences Institute of the University of Zaragoza), is a researcher of the Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions, Aragosaurus, and Atapuerca teams. She has published in the most important journals of Multidisciplinary Sciences such as Nature, Science, PNAS, as well as specific journals on Quaternary, deep time and past climate change, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction and influence of the landscape on Human evolution, or viceversa. She is a Senior Lecturer in Geology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza and has important contributions in the difusion and protection of the Paleontological heritage toghether with her team. Her works in biostratigraphy have contributed decisively to the dating of the oldest human fossils in Europe. It is also a pioneer in the application of quantitative ecology to the study of fossil communities of micromamíferos.


The University Institute of Research in Environmental Sciences of Aragon, (IUCA - University of Zaragoza) through its research groups.

The Environmental Sciences Institute of the University of Zaragoza (IUCA) was founded in September 2008 with the primary aim to promote new research initiatives of excellence to the best knowledge and progress of Environmental Sciences. The specific intentions of the IUCA are to promote research of excellence and quality in Environmental Sciences, focusing on both basic and applied aspects. In this sense, the Institute adapts its research to the topics established by European, national and regional plans/projects, taking advantage of synergies of the Campus Iberus of International Excellence to establish inter-university collaborations with similar institutions. To take full advantage of the multidisciplinary nature of its groups and their expected synergies by way of their ongoing relationship, working together, information exchange and joint participation in programs and projects both national and international To provide solutions to scientific and technical needs of Aragon for environmental protection and sustainable development while encouraging researchers of the IUCA and the scientist community of Aragón in their scientific, technical and pedagogical activities. To cooperate closely with companies in Research & Development areas concerning the Institute, promoting the generation of patents, either alone or in collaboration with other business partners, promoting the results of the research activity To coordinate and organize training courses, specialized/technical studies, PhD studies and masters, in Environmental Sciences, adapted to the European Higher Education Area, with a strong interdisciplinary projection, involvement in the Campus Iberus of International Excellence that exceed the competence of University Departments, contributing this way to the best development of the European Research Space. The establishment of research networks within the international character that IUCA promotes; with a preferential vocation to Europe, America and Mediterranean rim countries.