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Member of WG Recycling in CEF Panel in EFSA since 2010.
Member of AECOSAN (Spanish Food Safety, Nutrition  and Social Affairs Agency) in the period 2010-2015.

Executive Editor of the journal Packaging Technology and Science
Evaluator of R&D&i Projects at National and International level (EU-VII Frame Program, Chile, Brasil, The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, France, Saudi Arabia, USA  etc.).

Consulting member of several Committees and Institutional Boards. Referee of the most relevant Scientific Journals in the field of Analytical Chemistry, Materials Science, Food Chemistry, Food Technology, Food Packaging, Food Science, Environmental, etc.

Invited as an expert to several International Workshops.
Invited as speaker of Plenary Lectures in more than 50 International Conferences.


Innovation & Tech in food packaging

Food safety is nowadays one of the main concerns of consumers. Food is commercialized and distributed in packaging materials. In the last 15 years food packaging has considerably changed, from the original purpose of containing food to the most demanding and sophisticated materials, which are nowadays available. Consumers are looking for better quality, fresh-like and convenient food products and food industry is looking for an extension of shelf life of packaged food while maintaining the quality. Among the principal innovations, the so called active and intelligent packaging systems are probably the most attractive ones to a wide variety of industrial sectors. However, the production of these innovative materials is not an easy task. Several technologies have been explored and new materials have been developed to improve the food safety and extend the shelf life of packaged food. Several examples will be briefly described to illustrate some of the new developments carried out in hte research group.